Quality chart

We endorse and praise the quality chart of the producer of Bach flower essences in France, Mr Gerard Wolf and his company Elixirs&Co., for which we have the exclusive right to import and distribute their products in Cyprus. 

They have remained strictly faithful from the beginning to the method of homemade preparation invented by Dr. Bach and described in his books, that we happened to follow while living in France many years ago and making with Mr Gerard Wolf flower essences in the gorgeous Alp and Pyrénées mountains. These Bach flower essences are manufactured using wild flowers only, in pristine picking sites controlled by Ecocert. They are preserved exclusively in organic brandy at 40°, and respect the original dilution, at 1/250th. All the elixirs made by Mr Gerard Wolf and Elixirs & Co. are certified organic by Ecocert. The roll-ons, the SOS cream and the skincare lines are certified organic cosmetics by Ecocert and respect the Cosmebio chart. The Ecocert certified organic Eau de toilette is preserved in organic wheat alcohol, just like the perfumes and the mists of well-being.