Having always been very much interested in wellbeing and how to preserve or improve one’s health in the best possible natural way, this led me to get involved into Bach flower remedies, and later on into colloidal silver that I’m now producing, for the good sake of either animals or humans.

As I’m now living in Cyprus, I’m happy to import from France these exceptional Bach flower products, capable of helping humans and pets to overcome emotional shocks or more generally a wide spectrum of inner states causing imbalances. Like humans, animals have well-developed emotional capacities and these new and exciting remedies will help them going through any behaviour change and find their natural positive spin.

During many years, in the very heart of the French wilderness, I have collaborated with my father, Gérard Wolf, from the making in pristine picking sites of the active principles of the Bach flower essences, using either the Sun Method or the Boiling Method (strictly according to Dr Bach’s original method), to the supply to customers, and education to the public that was helped by the publishing of the book by Helen Graham and Gregory Vlamis, Bach Flowers for Animals, which I translated into French.


The brutal and intense level of stress and fear endured by so many during the coronavirus crisis, dramatically increased by the mainstream media, also showed me how Bach flower products could relieve people and how great and efficient is colloidal silver for disinfection purposes.
Each of them is very easy to use, safe and works wonders beyond expectations.