We are a member of the Bach Flowers Guild. It brings together several European flowers
remedies producers and ensures the establishment of a standard of quality, ethics, and authenticity when preparing elixirs.
The label «Dr. Bach original method» on our products guarantees their quality.

The first brand to fully harness the benefits of the 38 flower remedies discovered by
Dr. Bach, through an extensive range of natural and innovative beauty and well-being
The passion for Bach flowers
“Elixirs & Co” was created 20 years ago by Gérard Wolf, an international specialist in Bach flower
essences and recognized experts.
“Elixirs & Co” is a pioneering company as Gérard Wolf was among the first to prescribe Bach flowers
in France.
Our commitment
• Original method: we strictly follow Dr. Bach’s original method, picking up wildflowers in environments clean of any
human or industrial pollution. We extract their essences in strict accordance with Dr. Bach’s original method.
• Natural and Organic: all our products contain only certified organic Bach Flower essences and organic ingredients
whenever possible (eg organic wheat alcohol, organic Brandy, organic essential oils).
• An innovative range of products: we strive to innovate and bring to the market a full range of beauty and well-being
products created from the highest quality ingredients.